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The Greensboro Commitment of Paul Mengert, AMG CEO

March 22, 2018

As designed by Paul Mengert, AMG (Association Management Group) is a management company that administers training that resembles a shorter version of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. The classes are taught by the many Harvard Business School alumni who just happen to have chosen to live in the Greater Greensboro, North Carolina area. That is where Paul was born and raised and where he founded AMG in 1984, which he did based on a strong commitment to give back to his community.

Many of the class instructors for this program serve as executives with various companies, as managing partners, presidents, and even CEOs. Because of his commitment to Greensboro, under Paul Mengert, Association Management Group participates in activities designed to make the community better, such as a food drive for Greensboro Urban Ministry, which collected more than 1 million pounds of food for the poor in The Carolinas, primarily in Greensboro. Giving back is a crucial part of AMG’s mission.